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API Documentation

API Documentation


Description of TBIA API. Click title to each section:

occurrence API

Resource URL: /api/v1/occurrence
Some information provided by this service are blurred. You need to use restricted API for non-blurred data. Restricted API are currently open to TBIA partners only.

Query Parameters Explained

Parameter Type Description Example
id string Get record by TBIA ID /api/v1/occurrence?id=6540d35818aad00028ecda95
occurrenceID string Get record by occurrenceID /api/v1/occurrence?occurrenceID=TAIF:PLANT:8540:1:1:186874
catalogNumber string Get record by catalogNumber /api/v1/occurrence?catalogNumber=186874
taxonID string List records by taxon ID /api/v1/occurrence?taxonID=t0052516
isCollection boolean List records by if the record is a natural history collection. Yes = true, No = false. /api/v1/occurrence?isCollection=true
rightsHolder string List records by rights holder /api/v1/occurrence?rightsHolder=台灣生物多樣性網絡 TBN&rightsHolder=濕地環境資料庫
datasetName string List records by dataset name /api/v1/occurrence?datasetName=100年高雄都會公園環境長期監測研究計畫-生物(動植物)
eventDate date List records by even date. Supports range queries. /api/v1/occurrence?eventDate=2021-10-21
created date List records by created date (TBIA portal). Supports range queries. /api/v1/occurrence?created=2023-05-09
modified date List records by modified date (TBIA portal). Supports range queries. /api/v1/occurrence?modified=2023-05-09
boundedBy string List records by a bounding box. Specified by={max longitude},{max latitude},{min longitude},{min latitude}. /api/v1/occurrence?boundedBy=122,24,121,23
polygon string List records by a polygon. Only WKT format is supported. /api/v1/occurrence?polygon=POLYGON ((120.761719 23.755182, 120.772705 23.543845, 121.135254 23.5237, 121.135254 23.755182, 120.761719 23.755182))
circle string List records by a circle. Specified by={longitude of centre},{latitude of centre},{radius in KM}. /api/v1/occurrence?circle=122.51,24.9,10
apikey string Restricted API Key /api/v1/occurrence?circle={yourAPIkey}
*Range queries are given as a single parameter value by concatenating start date and end date with a comma.
Example: /api/v1/occurrence?eventDate=2021-10-21,2021-10-25

Return Data Explained

Parameter Name Type Note
id TBIA ID string
created Created Date (TBIA Portal) date
modified Modified Date (TBIA Portal) date
standardDate Standardized Event Date date
standardLatitude Standardized Latitude float
standardLongitude Standardized Non-blurred Longitude float
standardRawLatitude Standardized Non-blurred Latitude float Obtained by restricted API
standardRawLongitude Standardized Non-blurred Longitude float Obtained by restricted API
standardOrganismQuantity Standardized Organization Quantity float
associatedMedia Associated Media string Values are separated by semicolon
basisOfRecord Basis of Record string
catalogNumber Catalog Number string
coordinatePrecision Coordinate Precision string Please refer to the sixth point in the TBIA released document on the 生物多樣性敏感資料開放作業原則文件 for a detailed explanation.
coordinateUncertaintyInMeters Coordinate Uncertainty in Meters string
dataGeneralizations Data Generalizations boolean
datasetName Dataset Name string
eventDate Event Date string
license License string
locality Locality string
mediaLicense Media License string
occurrenceID occurrenceID string
organismQuantity Organism Quantity string
organismQuantityType Organism Quantity Type string
originalScientificName Original Taxon string
preservation Preservation string
recordedBy Recorded By string
recordNumber Record Number string
references References string
resourceContacts Resource Contacts string
rightsHolder Rights Holder string
sensitiveCategory Sensitive Category string
sourceCreated Created Date (Rights Holder) date
sourceModified Modified Date (Rights Holder) date
sourceScientificName Source Scientific Name string
sourceVernacularName Source Vernacular Name string
typeStatus Type Status string
verbatimCoordinateSystem Verbatim Coordinate System string
verbatimLatitude Latitude string
verbatimLongitude Longitude string
verbatimRawLatitude Non-blurred Latitude string Obtained by restricted API
verbatimRawLongitude Non-blurred Longitude string Obtained by restricted API
verbatimSRS Verbatim SRS string
scientificNameID Scientific Name ID (from Rights Holder) string Scientific Name ID provieded by original data. Could be TaiCOL namecode.
taxonID Taxon ID string TaiCOL Taxon ID
match_higher_taxon If Matches Higher Taxon boolean If the taxon ID of the record is matched to its higher taxon. Yes = true, No = false.
scientificName Scientific Name string
name_author Name Author string
taxonRank Taxon Rank string
common_name_c Chinese Common Name string
alternative_name_c Chinese Alternative Name string
synonyms Synonyms string
misapplied Misapplied Name string
kingdom Kingdom string
kingdom_c Kingdom in Chinese string
phylum Phylum string
phylum_c Phylum in Chinese string
class Class string
class_c Class in Chinese string
order Order string
order_c Order in Chinese string
family Family string
family_c Family in Chinese string
genus Genus string
genus_c Genus in Chinese string

Common operations

Combined Query:

Each query parameter can be used for union and intersection queries. When multiple values ​​are queried using the same parameter at the same time, the union will be taken; when different parameters are queried at the same time, the intersection will be taken.
Example: /api/v1/occurrence?boundedBy=122,24,121,23&rightsHolder=GBIF


Parameter Description Example
limit Controls the number of results in the page. By default limit is 20. The limit can be a maximum of 1000 for a single request. /api/v1/occurrence?limit=1000

*Due to performance considerations, each request can return a maximum of 1000 records. You can retrieve the URL of the next page using the 'next' parameter returned, and recursively fetch all the data.


Code Description
200 OK
400 Bad Request
404 Not Found
500 Internal Server Error


	"status": {
		"code": 回傳狀態代碼,
		"message": 回傳狀態說明
	"meta": {
		"total": 符合查詢條件全部筆數,
		"limit": 每頁回傳筆數,
	"links": {
		"self": 本頁網址,
		"next": 下一分頁網址

Terms of Use

The API provided by this website adopts the same terms of use as this website.

Update History

  • 2024-06-27 | Modified the pagination parameter.

  • 2023-12-12 | V1 release note