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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last Updated:2022/10/20

1. Scope

1.1. The privacy policy stated here applies to the collection, processing, and utilization of personal data for member accounts and users' activities involved in using the TBIA portal, including but not limited to membership registration services, consultation with the maintenance team for opinion exchange, contribution of data and materials, and website information browsing.

1.2. By subsequently using the TBIA portal, a data subject who owns personal data indicates their acceptance of the following methods of personal data collection, processing, and utilization.

2. Personal Data Collected

2.1. When users register for accounts related to this portal's services, the personal identification information they voluntarily provide, including their name, email, and service unit, is used solely for verification, license marking, notifications, and contact purposes. However, at the time of registration, only the partner group's official identification is submitted, without any personal data information being declared. Such organizational accounts may be recorded and analyzed by the platform maintenance team outside the scope of personal data protection and restrictions.

2.2. This platform uses Google Analytics (GA/GA4) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) for traffic analysis and program management. These traffic analysis and management tools help website and application administrators understand the interaction between visitors and the website or application. These tools collect information via cookies and report usage statistics without identifying individual visitor identities. If users do not set information blocking mechanisms (Do Not Track), TBIA may record the IP address used for the user's connection, login times, and other data that can be provided by the browser according to its security settings. The collection of such data is used solely for traffic analysis and monitoring of website services. Cookie collection is used to fine-tune and quantify service quality. Users can adjust the browser's management level to disable all cookie collection.

2.3. The geographic location information recorded or embedded by data and material contributions from contributing partner groups is used solely for the display, analysis, and aggregation of biodiversity information.

2.4. This portal uses General Public Licensing terms and public domain dedication statements to facilitate the release of General Public Licensing data. When contributing partner groups provide explicit personal data descriptions in the information provided with data or materials, this personal data is considered to be voluntarily disclosed by the data subjects involved. According to the regulations of personal data protection law, further collection and processing do not require additional written consent from the data subjects for these voluntarily disclosed data. The provided usage scope of those data will be used to support the public good of effective scientific data validation.

2.5. This website may push the content submitted by contributing partners to other platforms in accordance with their specified General Public Licensing terms or public domain dedication methods. This may include but is not limited to cross-referencing or re-posting on other platforms that provide public transmission to the public, or on Facebook, Twitter (X), and other social media. This pushing model might involve international transmission of personal data. After the push, personal data matters' usage on that platform will be processed according to the platform's privacy policy.

3. De-identification and Quantitative Processing of Relevant Data by TBIA

3.1. Contributing partners agree that TBIA may reasonably and appropriately de-identify or quantitatively process their reported data and materials in the General Public Licensing data category.

3.2. General Public Licensing data and materials processed after de-identification, where the personal identification status of the contributing partners or other individuals is no longer linked, are no longer considered personal data and may be used without the limitations of the submitting purpose.

4. Privacy Policy Amendment

4.1. TBIA will revise this policy from time to time to comply with the latest protection regulations regarding personal data and related legal rights.

4.2. After revisions to the Privacy Policy, active notifications will be provided to users via the contact email provided during account registration. It will also be announced in the "Latest News" category on the portal.

4.3. The continued use of TBIA website services by users is considered the express consent of the individual or the partner group to the updated version of the Privacy Policy.

5. Request Mechanism

5.1. TBIA has fulfilled the fundamental requirements of personal data protection law and related regulations in the circulation of relevant General Public Licensing data. The users' privacy protection is enhanced through aggregation or de-identification processes on the data. After processing, relevant data will be shared for scientific research purposes.

5.2. The sharing of related Non-public Licensing data by TBIA is limited to alliance partner members and non-partner members who have passed application reviews for event-specific information access. Users are encouraged to carry out de-identification work and assume subsequent legal assessments and responsibilities related to data collection, processing, and utilization.

5.3. If users of the website service or contributing partner groups of data and materials have privacy concerns regarding their personal data, they can contact the maintenance team through the website's announcement information. Concerned data subjects may also provide feedback through the website's reporting mechanism for requests such as access, correction, cessation of use, and deletion of their personal data. The portal's maintenance team will properly handle such requests within 30 days after confirming receipt and verifying the data subject's identity involved.