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National Park Service, Ministry of the Interior


National Park Service, Ministry of the Interior

National Parks of Taiwan Biodiversity Database

The National Park Biodiversity Database integrates current biodiversity information from national parks in Taiwan, playing a vital role in external communication for the National Park Service. It carries the responsibility of education and information dissemination, serving as a window to the biological diversity within Taiwan's national parks. Currently, the database includes information on over 10,000 species and more than 700,000 records of biological occurrences. Its content comprises species profiles, distribution maps, environmental education lesson plans, mobile field guides, online interactive displays, and more. Through diverse means, it presents these valuable data to users, allowing them to engage and learn about the beauty of Taiwan's national park biodiversity in an interactive and enjoyable manner, achieving the goal of combining education with fun.

National Park Service, Ministry of the Interior

Taiwan Wetland Database

In 2019, the National Park Service standardized the collection and compilation of nationwide wetland survey results, including data on biology, water quality, soil, carbon sequestration, and more. The construction of the new Wetland Environmental Database was completed, providing not only a reference for wetland management, ecological conservation, and sustainable use for various sectors but also serving as a more precise analytical basis for information management and subsequent conservation planning for important wetlands nationwide. We welcome those interested in wetland data to explore!